Easy Faux Stone Panels Instructions.

If you have seen how quickly faux stone panels are replacing other building products you have, most likely, also heard about the easy installation.

One thing is hearing about it and another is actually learning how to do it. We can assure you that they are both true. Products such as faux stone panels make installation easy because they are designed to provide this specific advantage. Let’s say you have a wall that is already created and painted with a boring color or you are considering creating a new room or building a new home and need to create a stone look.

First row of panels

Install faux stone panels one row at a time

These are the easy steps to get this done with ease.

–          Faux stone panels can be installed over existing surfaces without preparation.

–          Lay the panels around the project and do a dry fit in order to reduce waste in the future.

–          Plan and consider using interlocking corners to make turns quickly and cleanly.

–          In most cases you need to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for the direction in which move the installation. If faux stone panels are installed in the opposite direction you will probably have to lift the panel before to fit the next one in and make it hard to apply the adhesive.

Install in the correct direction

Install in the correct direction

–          Apply construction adhesive on the back side and secure the sheet with a few screws, nails or even a staple gun with long staples or brads.

–          Now apply some adhesive where the next panel will overlap the one before.

–          Apply screws or nails in these areas so that you will squeeze the two panels tightly and making sure the seams are nice and flush.

–          Continue the above steps until you reach the end of the wall

Cut the last faux stone panel

Cut the last faux stone panel

–          Cut the right side of this last faux stone panel to butt against the next wall.

–          Repeat the above steps for every row of panels necessary to reach the ceiling.

If you ever have instances where there are light fixtures, receptacles or A/C vents you will be able to find all the accessories necessary to complete project like a pro!

Content referenced from www.AnticoElements.com