How To Revive Your Family Room With Fake Stone.

We all agree, the family room or basements are the central locations of a home, where everyone in the family gathers on a daily basis.

It’s unusual to find a family that will tell you “we love the family room as it is”.

In most cases, everyone wants to improve the look of the central rooms in the house.

  • – Sometimes all it takes to refresh it is to use some paints and make one of the walls darker.
  • – Other times a simple accent wall with faux stone will do the trick.
  • – Another popular addition is a new stone fireplace remodeling and existing one.
Panels of fake stone for fireplace

Panels of fake stone for fireplace

When choosing paint colors, always keep in mind what you will be putting inside the room. If a color matches your current decor it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will go well with changes in your furniture. Plan ahead.
Also, a very popular trick used by decorators is to make one of the walls darker. This will give some contrast and depth to the room.

Different Paint Colors

Different Paint Colors

As for the fireplace or some stone wall accent we always recommend using some type of faux stone panel or faux rock to dress them up.
If you have an old fireplace or want to build a new one these faux boards simply offer the easiest and most affordable way to create a stone look. Fake stones over flat sheets make cutting to size and gluing a breeze. With any other stone type will not let cut them or sand down as you need.

Fake Stacked Stone Sheets - Very realistic look

Fake Stacked Stone Sheets – Very realistic look

Basements also have posts and pipes that need to be covered.
A great way to cover ugly pipes is to box them with some plywood and dress them up with fake stone panels.
All you need is a screw gun and some liquid-nails. Corners and other accessories are available.

Redesigning your most-used spaces is easier than ever.

How to Improve Your Home Yard

If you are talking about home decorations, then you will usually think of indoor interior decorating. While this is the most popular and common form of decorating, especially with the cooler time of the year coming on, for some people, exterior design such as yard improvement is still an important issue. Whether you live in warmer climates and your garden is year-round or you are already starting to plan a new garden design when the weather turns warmer, there are a few ways you can go when it comes to design pieces for your garden.

The first way you can go is a more elegant and stately look. For those, one very classy and distinguished look is the use of animal statues such as lion garden figurine statues. These elegant looking figurines can be used to flank a garden entrance or they can be used for a driveway or opening pathway leading to a garden. Some even have garage motifs. As for yard improvement, these figurines come in smaller to medium-sized.

If you are looking for a more whimsical look to your yard improvement, you can try a solar spotlight big eyes garden statue. These cartoon-like caricatures of frogs, most notably, offer a playful and colorful aspect to any garden design. However, their appeal is not only decorative; it can be functional as well in terms of curtain shadowing.

These are also solar-powered lighting fixtures as well. These figurines have solar lights for the eyes so that in the evening, they can act as pathway lighting if you like to spend time in your garden at night. Not only are they great for fun and colorful decor details, but they can also be useful at providing much-needed lighting in a garden when the sun goes down.

The truth is that these few examples are just scratching the surface of what you will find in the world of yard improvement. There are pieces of all different styles and shapes. Use your personal relationships to spurn wild ideas. You can have extremely elegant looks or fun and fancy-free looks or something in between. Regardless of what your tastes are, you are going to find something that will improve the look of your garden.