Easy Faux Stone Panels Instructions.

If you have seen how quickly faux stone panels are replacing other building products you have, most likely, also heard about the easy installation.

One thing is hearing about it and another is actually learning how to do it. We can assure you that they are both true. Products such as faux stone panels make installation easy because they are designed to provide this specific advantage. Let’s say you have a wall that is already created and painted with a boring color or you are considering creating a new room or building a new home and need to create a stone look.

First row of panels

Install faux stone panels one row at a time

These are the easy steps to get this done with ease.

–          Faux stone panels can be installed over existing surfaces without preparation.

–          Lay the panels around the project and do a dry fit in order to reduce waste in the future.

–          Plan and consider using interlocking corners to make turns quickly and cleanly.

–          In most cases you need to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for the direction in which move the installation. If faux stone panels are installed in the opposite direction you will probably have to lift the panel before to fit the next one in and make it hard to apply the adhesive.

Install in the correct direction

Install in the correct direction

–          Apply construction adhesive on the back side and secure the sheet with a few screws, nails or even a staple gun with long staples or brads.

–          Now apply some adhesive where the next panel will overlap the one before.

–          Apply screws or nails in these areas so that you will squeeze the two panels tightly and making sure the seams are nice and flush.

–          Continue the above steps until you reach the end of the wall

Cut the last faux stone panel

Cut the last faux stone panel

–          Cut the right side of this last faux stone panel to butt against the next wall.

–          Repeat the above steps for every row of panels necessary to reach the ceiling.

If you ever have instances where there are light fixtures, receptacles or A/C vents you will be able to find all the accessories necessary to complete project like a pro!

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How To Revive Your Family Room With Fake Stone.

We all agree, the family room or basements are the central locations of a home, where everyone in the family gathers on a daily basis.

It’s unusual to find a family that will tell you “we love the family room as it is”.

In most cases, everyone wants to improve the look of the central rooms in the house.

  • – Sometimes all it takes to refresh it is to use some paints and make one of the walls darker.
  • – Other times a simple accent wall with faux stone will do the trick.
  • – Another popular addition is a new stone fireplace remodeling and existing one.
Panels of fake stone for fireplace

Panels of fake stone for fireplace

When choosing paint colors, always keep in mind what you will be putting inside the room. If a color matches your current decor it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will go well with changes in your furniture. Plan ahead.
Also, a very popular trick used by decorators is to make one of the walls darker. This will give some contrast and depth to the room.

Different Paint Colors

Different Paint Colors

As for the fireplace or some stone wall accent we always recommend using some type of faux stone panel or faux rock to dress them up.
If you have an old fireplace or want to build a new one these faux boards simply offer the easiest and most affordable way to create a stone look. Fake stones over flat sheets make cutting to size and gluing a breeze. With any other stone type will not let cut them or sand down as you need.

Fake Stacked Stone Sheets - Very realistic look

Fake Stacked Stone Sheets – Very realistic look

Basements also have posts and pipes that need to be covered.
A great way to cover ugly pipes is to box them with some plywood and dress them up with fake stone panels.
All you need is a screw gun and some liquid-nails. Corners and other accessories are available.

Redesigning your most-used spaces is easier than ever.

Buying High Quality and Attractive Home Furniture

Furnishing your house with high-quality furniture is very important if you are looking for a fashionable modern image. Furniture is an investment that requires meticulous selection as it costs a significant amount of money. From your bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, to the living room furniture, your choice influences your character and lifestyle. Some people go for contemporary furniture while others go for traditional furniture.

For those who can afford it, all types of bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, and living room furniture can be purchased for your home and are constructed of high-quality materials. Some of the best deals can be found by searching for online furniture retailers as they do not have the high overheads of traditional retail stores. Some online stores stock several varieties of dining furniture, living room furniture, and bedroom furniture that are usually made from the following materials: pine, oak, beech, dark wood, and glass. A great addition to furniture would be to add some wall fixtures or designs. A good idea would be the installation of faux stone panels to spruce up a room or area in the house. Pricing on faux stone panels are relatively affordable and come in a variety of colors and patterns.

Furniture selection is often determined by the interior design and theme of the home. For example, for a contemporary look, having a natural wood furniture collection made of oak can be very attractive. Another modern trend that has recently emerged is the popularity of glass furniture which can prove to be a very stylish addition to any home. Another great compliment to the glass furniture would be to install all white faux stone panels to increase the contemporary theme flowing through the house or space.

Remember to always look for quality furniture and spend as much as you can comfortably afford, as this will make an excellent investment over an extended period of time. The temptation to buy cheap furniture should be avoided if possible, as it is likely to be of low quality and will need to be replaced much sooner than higher quality furniture. Quality, elegant, and durable furniture is often more affordable than you may realize due to the availability of low rate finance that allows you to spread your purchase over several years in some cases.

Classic faux stone sheets accessories.

Browsing through interior design products is exceptionally convenient these days due to the fast internet and technological advances. By just searching for a few home improvement products online, businesses and homeowners encounter good faux sheet deals and a variety of products to choose from. Therefore, when buyers really want quite affordable faux stone panels products they may venture into fantastic websites, as in AnticoElements, for great deals.

Laguna Cappuccino

Laguna Cappuccino

Not many companies offer high-quality merchandise for home improvements because they want to just boost sales. Look into progressive wall surfaces with imitation or faux brick paneling as the new more innovative design product to transform any room or area.

In our days, renovation projects can certainly be rather stressful in the beginning, but paying for quality materials should not be compromised. Anyone should be able to mount faked brick now with faux brick sheeting. Thousands of faux stone veneer products are popping up everywhere on the market and are exceedingly very affordable.

Fake birck pattern

A beautiful reproduction of Chicago red brick – 28 x 48 inch panel

Customers can put up synthetic imitation stone and brick quickly due to the low labor costs and simple installation process. Some companies like Antico Elements are finally taking extra steps to be able to proudly display the MADE IN USA logo.

Don’t forget to include brick panels in your list of possible materials to use. Some info on them is below:

Save the best faux stone for last.

If you are one among the many who seek to create the look of faux stone or even natural rock to apply on a residence or commercial building, it is so easy now to get this great product and install it. The customer might close an eye on the pricey bills but ultimately will feel the relief of avoiding heavy, natural stone.

Faux dry stack sheets unquestionably are some amazing and innovative products to use as an alternative to the high price and difficulty of installing natural stones. In terms of values, rock slabs are expensive but faux stones yield the same if not more in value. Fitting the panels for installation is literally a speedy process for which any man or woman can embark on. The man-made boards of stone sheeting are designed with quality products such as a high-density polyurethane resin which will certainly increase the durability of the outside walls furthermore solidifying its indoor use through its unique design.

Any panel that can be treated with paint by hand can transform a regularly dull room into a vibrant area. The large majority of sheets usually have a conjoining characteristic or function that produces trouble-free fitting inserts to make installation an easy process. It should only take one time to secure the sheets through the locking inserts, which will ultimately cut costs of labor and time during the installation process.

Vacuuming and cleaning panel sheets might be just a piece of cake with a damp cloth or mini vacuum machine. The cleaning of the panels will not likely add any kind of health benefit, but it can extend the life of the panels and keep the products looking freshly painted. The end look should be that of a steeply-priced product on a cost-effective budget.